Saliva pH Test in Boca Raton


Your Body’s Saliva pH

Your saliva can say so much. The pH levels allow us to see details of what may be going on inside your body. These details include your body’s mineral reserves, as well as give us insight into the amount of acids your body is trying to expel.

With poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle, your body will produce more acids that negatively affect the health and function of the cells performing daily activities. If this acid builds up, it can irritate our tissues and cause the body to misappropriate minerals that our teeth, bones, and soft tissues need.

Saliva testing allows us to better understand what is happening within the body in order to create personalized and effective treatment plans.

Your Saliva pH Readings

Upon getting your saliva pH reading back, it will be a clear indicator of what in your diet and lifestyle needs to change. Here’s what your pH number means:

Between 7.0 and 7.5: This is a healthy range. You have great balance and plenty of mineral reserves.

Between 6.25 and 6.75: In this range, the body is more acidic. By adding more alkaline-forming foods to your diet, you should be able to achieve a better balance.

Lower than 6.25: At this point, you have excessive acidity and very low mineral reserves, meaning your body would benefit from more drastic dietary changes. While protein and fats are good, you should minimize processed foods and increase raw fruits, vegetables, and water.

Errors that may sway your reading is if you didn’t wait to test your saliva before or 30 minutes after a meal. Otherwise, do not stress about an acidic reading. Rather, work to implement healthy lifestyle changes and talk to us about your concerns.


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