Emergency Dental Care in Boca Raton

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Dental emergencies can be alarming and even cause unbearable pain. Our teeth are sensitive, and a dentist should address the pain associated with needing urgent dental care. If you have tooth pain, you should contact an emergency dentist right away.

If you do not have an emergency dentist, search for ‘urgent dental care near me’ or call us. The sooner we catch a dental emergency, the better chance we can avoid further trauma or damage. In most cases, the main goal of your emergency dentist Boca Raton is tooth survival. An emergency dentist can help you alleviate pain, discomfort, and in some cases, save your teeth.

Urgent Dental Care Near Me

Are you in need of emergency dental care in South Florida? Don’t go another day needing urgent dental care. Find emergency dental care by searching ‘emergency dentist near me.’ Some of the emergency dental issues we can correct are not limited to:

  • Deep cavities
  • Cracked teeth
  • Exams
  • Toothache
  • Broken crowns/veneers
  • Crowns/veneers that fell off
  • Broken teeth
  • TMJ pain
  • Gum pain
  • Knocked-out teeth

Our teeth can face trauma, and grinding, biting down on dense objects, or undergoing an unexpected injury can cause our teeth to fracture or fall out entirely. In addition, sometimes we can disturb our previous dental work like crowns or fillings. If you are experiencing severe pain, call an emergency dentist. A great way to find one is by searching ‘emergency dentist near me.’

Different types of dental emergencies can occur. Therefore, there are various ways to best deal with your specific dental emergency.

Broken Teeth

If you have cracked your tooth and are experiencing severe discomfort, you may have chipped your tooth down to the root. Some cracks may be painless and do not require immediate attention. If you are wondering if you should see an emergency dentist about a cracked tooth, you should consider the amount of pain, swelling, and severity.

There are a few steps you can take at home if you break a tooth. If your cracked tooth is bleeding, you can apply gauze for up to ten minutes. If there is inflammation, you could place a cool rag or ice bag on your cheek. Finally, you can take a topical pain reducer and call an emergency dentist Boca Raton. If your tooth is cracked to the root, you may need a root canal to alleviate pain and save your tooth.

Emergency Dentist Root Canal

You may need an emergency dentist root canal if you have a deep cavity or a cracked tooth from injury or genetics. A root canal removes infected pulp from the chamber of the tooth. This process of eradication corrects and eases the pain associated with the infection. After the infected pulp is removed, your emergency dentist Boca Raton will clean, shape, and further disinfect your tooth. Your dentist will place a sealing and filling on your tooth to protect the emergency dental care. Finally, you will need to come back in for a permanent crown.

A root canal can save your tooth. Instead of a dentist replacing your tooth entirely, an emergency dentist root canal procedure will repair and clean the canals of your teeth.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Patients commonly suffer an avulsed tooth from sports or a fall. There are other ways teeth can be knocked out as well. But in all cases, knocked-out teeth will damage the nerves, gum tissue, and blood vessels once the tooth exits your mouth. You must not touch the root. If it is possible, place your tooth back into the tooth socket. If not, put your tooth in milk or water and call for urgent dental care.

It is vital to see an emergency dentist within one hour because there is a likelihood that the tissue will grow to support your tooth when promptly placed back into your socket. In addition, other therapies, including root canal, may be necessary.

Dislodged Filling or Crown

If your tooth is decaying, it often changes shape. When your tooth decays under a crown, the crown may no longer fit properly, increasing the likelihood it pops off. It is typical for a loose filling or crown to become dislodged while eating. When the tooth is exposed, it can be sensitive. Temperature or pressure may irritate your tooth.

You want to hold onto your crown if it falls out and make an urgent dental care appointment as soon as you can to avoid further damage. Shifting teeth can result in your crown no longer fitting properly.

If you think you need immediate dental care, don’t wait any longer. Letting your pain and discomfort go unnoticed can result in even further affliction. Call us at Dental and Facial Aesthetics of South Florida now to save your teeth.


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