Advanced Lightening Cream

Advanced lightening cream

Over the years, our skin sees a lot and undergoes stress. This can lead to dark spots, hyperpigmentation, unwanted freckling, and other forms of environmental damage. Our advanced lightening cream is a potent solution to reducing the appearance of such spots and eliminating future melanin production.

What’s in Our Advanced Lightening Cream?

This advanced formula offers a paraben-free treatment with ingredients proven to be effective in the lightening of dark spots. Key ingredients include:

  • Hydroquinone: 2% concentration, skin lightener
  • Cucumber Seed Oil & Aloe Barbadensis Extracts: Soothes and prevents irritation
  • Vitamin E: Provides antioxidants to protect against environmental pollutants

Benefits of Using Advanced Lightening Cream

Aging, sun exposure, and more can lead to the production of dark spots. When you use our Advanced Lightening Cream, our formula offers:

  • Lightening of dark spots, including freckles
  • Prevention of future melanin production
  • Protection against environmental aggressors

How to Use

Apply a small amount in a thin layer on affected area twice daily, or as directed by a doctor. Limit sun exposure, using a sun blocking agent or protective clothing to prevent further darkening.