Before the invention of non-surgical nose jobs, people used to alter their nose appearance with surgical rhinoplasty, which required a lot of healing time. Although this process would make a nose straighter, smaller, and smoother, it also required anesthesia and would result in swelling and bruising. Fortunately, if you cannot afford the downtime and expense associated with surgical rhinoplasty, you can opt for an injection rhinoplasty, a cheaper option. In this blog, we will answer the question “What is a non-surgical nose job?” and explain what you should know before getting one.

What Is a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Also known as an injection rhinoplasty or a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, a non-surgical nose job is an off-label use of injectable fillers to transform the appearance of your nose. Medical experts use similar hyaluronic acid gel to change the nose’s appearance and shape that they would to enhance volume in the cheeks and lips. 

What Is the Difference Between a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and a Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Surgical rhinoplasty is a nose surgery that alters the shape and size of the nose. Although the domino effects are permanent, this process requires anesthesia and extended healing duration because of swelling and bruising. A non-invasive surgery, on the other hand, uses injectable Botox or fillers to alter the size and shape of the nose, but the results are temporary.

What Is the Difference Between a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and a Surgical Rhinoplasty

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Before going through a surgical rhinoplasty, it is a good idea to research the benefits of a non-surgical rhinoplasty in Boca Raton. An ideal candidate for this procedure is a person with a pronounced bump on the nose, a crooked nose, or a droopy tip. 

How Does the Nose Job Process Work?

Before the injection, the doctor uses ice to numb your skin’s nerves and later injects the skin with Botox or filler. One of the best parts of opting for a filler nose job is that you will feel no pain and skip the recovery process since it requires no downtime. Another benefit of a filler nose job is that the process is reversible; thus, you can ask your practitioner to dissolve the filler, reversing the process if you do not like the results.

What Problems Can Nose Injections Address?

A non-invasive nose job can correct irregularities found on the nose’s bridge, correct a pronounced hump, and lift the nasal bridge. Besides that, you can also fix the irregularities brought about after getting a surgical rhinoplasty. However, you cannot use nose injections to narrow the nasal tip or decrease the nasal projection. 

How Long Do the Results Last?

This depends on the type of filler used. Most plastic surgeons will kick off the process with temporary filler, which will last for less than two years but will produce natural-looking effects. If the patient loves the results, the plastic surgeon will use permanent filler after the temporary filler dissolves.

The temporary filler will require one session that lasts for 15 minutes while the permanent filler will need three different sessions but will offer long-lasting effects. It is good to note, though, that you can easily dissolve the temporary fillers since they contain hyaluronic acid, but it will be challenging to dissolve permanent fillers. 

The Safety of This Process

One advantage of a non-surgical nose job is that it does not require IV sedation or general anesthesia. You will only need a local anesthetic to weaken the nerves and oral sedatives to make you feel relaxed. Since this process requires no IV sedation or actual cutting, the procedure carries a minimum number of risks compared to surgical rhinoplasty. However, risks such as nasal skin damage and infection sometimes occur.

Other risks involved include granulomas formation and migration of silicone from the face to other body parts. Nevertheless, such risks occur after the medical expert injects the patient with vast silicone quantities, and you can easily avoid them by getting treatment from a qualified and experienced injector.

Furthermore, you can easily evade this complication if you use a microdroplet method to inject the fillers in your nose. Besides that, since the nose is a static area, the chance of silicone migration is reduced. 

The Downsides

Injections with fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm are temporary. Therefore, to maintain results, you have to return for injections after a few years, which can turn out to be inconvenient and expensive for some. 

On the other hand, some filler injections such as silicone have a long-lasting effect. Once you get this filler injection, it can be challenging to remove the outcome unless you go through a disfiguring and painful surgical excision. Hence, it’s essential that you contact the best medical expert dealing with non-surgical rhinoplasty in Boca Raton before getting a nose job.

However, if you have an autoimmune disorder, you should reach out to your doctor before having a non-surgical nose job. Those with hypersensitivity reactions should also talk to a medical expert who can perform a skin test before the procedure. Ultimately, if you want to have a surgical rhinoplasty in the future, you should avoid permanent filler injection and go for the temporary filler injection.

The Benefits of a Non-Surgical Nose Job

With a filler nose job, you are free to go about your daily activities immediately after you attend the nose job session. Appointments can take up to 30 minutes, enabling you to continue your routine with negligible disruptions.

This process requires no incision at all, meaning there are no external scars left behind. You will likely see some red dots in the injection area, but these typically heal within two days. The healing process of this procedure is quick, comfortable, and hassle-free. However, most patients experience some common side effects such as redness and mild swelling that will subside in about a day or even hours.

Another advantage is that the process is customized to meet your desired results and unique preferences. Together with the doctor, you will carefully choose the injection area and the amount and type of filler used to match your nasal shape and add slight enhancements.

What to Look for When Searching for a Competent and Experienced Nose Job Provider

What to Look for When Searching for a Competent and Experienced Nose Job Provider

A good and reliable doctor must always know what vascular compromise is and be able to recognize its symptoms. This is a rare complication caused when the filler prevents blood flow by causing a blockage. This occurs by either injecting the filler into the artery directly or injecting the filler oddly, preventing blood flow by pushing the artery to the outside.

A reliable medical expert should also have a license and specialize in the cosmetic surgery field. Besides that, it helps to ensure that you are comfortable with the doctor and trust them to achieve natural-looking results.

If you’d like to learn more about a nose job that doesn’t require surgery, contact Dental and Facial Aesthetics of South Florida today to request a consultation. We have experienced and qualified medical professionals who will help you find the best filler that matches your natural beauty.